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Mr. Sean Litton

Mr. Sean Litton

Director, DAF Chief Modeling and Simulation Office (CMSO) - WPAFB, Air Force Enterprise Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis-SDPE

Mr. Sean Litton serves as the lead for Air Force Enterprise Modeling and Simulation under the Strategic Planning, Development and Experimentation (SDPE) at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. He also supports the Chief Modeling and Simulation Officer (CMSO) through the WPAFB liaison office.

Mr. Litton serves as the panel chair for TTCP-SCA-TP3 Five Eye (FVEY) Ministry of Defence (MoD) Modeling Simulation & Analysis Working Group regarding collaboration and data sharing. The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP) is a long-standing international organization concerned with cooperation on defense science and technology matters, including national security and civil defense.

Mr. Sean Litton, at the request of AFMC/EN, briefed Mr. Nigel Shaw, the Chief Digital Information Officer, DE&S of the Ministry of Defense (MoD), United Kingdom (UK) on August 17, 2023.  Mr. Shaw leads the Control Centre program for the UK MoD, which is being driven by a MoD senior leadership-sponsored initiative called Digital Exploitation for Defence (DX4D) to accelerate digital transformation, which is part of the Capability Deployment stream.  The briefing stated how modeling and simulation, and the M&S Ecosystem are enabling digital engineering across the DAF. 

Mr. Litton has worked in the DoD for over 20 years in the areas of test and evaluation, research and engineering, and modeling and simulation. Mr. Litton has served in the capacity of system engineer, test engineer, program manager, and senior engineer. Mr. Litton holds a MS in mechanical engineering and a BS in applied physics.