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Mr. Rahul C. Thakkar

Mr. Rahul C. Thakkar

President, Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Rahul Thakkar is the President of Bohemia Interactive Simulations, a role he assumed after a distinguished career spanning various sectors including cloud computing, distributed and high-performance computing, media and entertainment, defense and intelligence, and aerospace.

An Academy Award-winning engineer, Mr. Thakkar’s contributions to technology and innovation are profound. His film credits include major productions such as the Academy Award-winning "Shrek," "ANTZ," and "The Legend of Bagger Vance." Recognized for his inventive contributions, he holds over 60 patents granted or pending.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Thakkar served as the Director and General Manager of Simulation Technologies at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Under his leadership, he directed the development of advanced services that enabled simulation engineers, scientists, and technicians to effectively scale their simulations utilizing AWS technology.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Thakkar held multiple executive roles at Boeing across their corporate and defense business units. His focus on commercial cloud products for unmanned air vehicles significantly advanced Boeing's digital transformation efforts.

Before his tenure at Boeing, Mr. Thakkar was engaged in executive and hands-on roles at various startups, contributing to multiple successful exits, and was instrumental in developing animation technology at DreamWorks Animation. His innovative work there led to a Technical Achievement Academy Award® in 2016 for "the groundbreaking design of the DreamWorks Media Review System."

Mr. Thakkar earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Utah State University. His leadership and technological acumen continue to influence and drive the advancements in simulation and interactive technologies across global platforms.