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Mr. Len Granowetter

Mr. Len Granowetter

Chief Technical Officer & Vice President, Engineering, MAK Technologies, Inc.

Len Granowetter has been an integral member of MAK Technologies since 1993. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Vice President of Engineering, where he manages the company’s Modeling and Simulation Products division. This role encompasses overall responsibilities for product support and training initiatives.

Between 1999 and 2009, Len served as MAK’s Director of Product Development. In this capacity, he was instrumental in setting the strategic direction for the company, overseeing the design, development, documentation, and technical support of MAK's suite of commercial products. His leadership was pivotal as MAK expanded its product line from a few interoperability toolkits to a comprehensive portfolio encompassing applications, plug-ins, and developer tools across three main areas: Link, Simulate, and Visualize.

Prior to his role as Director, Len was the Lead Products Engineer at MAK. He was the principal architect and developer of the VR-Link Simulation Networking toolkit, a flagship product of the company. His responsibilities included transitioning MAK’s products from Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) to High-Level Architecture (HLA) and designing the FOM-Mapping architecture to enhance FOM Agility within MAK products. Len also laid the foundational work for the MAK High-Performance Runtime Infrastructure (RTI).

In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Len has played a significant role in the advancement of interoperability standards within the simulation community. He has held positions such as Chairman of the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization’s (SISO) Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Study Group, Chairman and Lead Editor of SISO’s Dynamic-Link-Compatible HLA API Product Development Group, and Lead Editor of the C++ API for HLA Evolved. Len was also a core contributor to SISO’s RPR FOM Product Development Group and an active participant in the US Department of Defense’s LVC Architecture Roadmap (LVCAR) Study Working Group.

Len Granowetter holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His extensive contributions to both MAK Technologies and the broader field of modeling and simulation underscore his commitment to advancing technology and interoperability within the defense sector.