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Health Scholars

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  • AR/VR
  • Electronic Training/Synthetic Environments
  • Medical Simulation & Training
  • Simulation Software
  • Simulation Toolkits
Health Scholars

To pave the way for a future where Extended Reality (XR) technology not only enhances healthcare education but also becomes an integral part of daily practice.

Imagining the possibilities of a more immersive training experience for our clients and enabling them to quickly co-create solutions to solve their most challenging problems.

Health Scholars proprietary content creation engine allows organizations the ability to quickly and seamlessly create AI and voice enabled courses and applications without the need of internal developer resources. Unique, patent pending voice-directed AI technology takes “immersive” to the next level, allowing the learner to interact simply by speaking, and without having to point and click within their virtual environment. These objective and standardized curricula create significant opportunity for scaling virtual reality simulation within organizations.

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