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Systecon North America

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Systecon and their Opus Suite of tools have been optimizing some of the most complex Life Cycle Management projects in over 20 countries worldwide. We are the market leader in predictive analytics, with the DoD embracing our tools to solve complex problems, including US Navy, USMC, OSD, and the F35 Joint Strike Fighter. We work across the entire product life cycle, relying on methods that have been tested and refined for over 40 years and analyses using our proprietary, global market-leading Opus Suite software. For our customers, this means more efficient operations, controlled costs, and most importantly: decisions based on facts. Under continuous development, our customers continue to see advances in the tools year after year. Systecon embraces the latest in technology and continues to advance its position as marketplace leader, having been selected in every head to head comparison of tools for the past 15 years.

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