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DAF M&S Summit

DAF Enterprise Modeling and Simulation

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  • Cloud Computing
  • Applied R&D
  • Modeling Services
  • Research & Development
  • Simulation Toolkits
DAF Enterprise Modeling and Simulation

Air Force vision for the DAF M&S Ecosystem: Achieve decision superiority by creating an integrated, collaborative storefront (End state) providing the DAF M&S community (Customer) access to authoritative data, artifacts, extensible models, and simulations to enable rapid decision superiority and operational readiness (Purpose)

The DAF M&S Ecosystem will address M&S practitioner access to curated and authoritative data through a knowledge management framework developed specifically for the curation and administration of M&S data.  The DAF M&S Ecosystem platform is intended to enable the discovery of and access to these curated data sets by practitioners, provide a means for collaboration with other practitioners and access to specialized training for M&S through a knowledge management hub.  The DAF M&S Ecosystem will leverage existing DoD and DAF compute investments such as HPC and Cloud services to improve access to computing resources and software development systems.

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