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Battlespace Simulations, Inc.

Booth: 302/304
  • Aerospace Simulation & Training
  • AR/VR
  • LVC (Live, Virtual, Constructive)
  • Mission Planning/Mission Rehearsal
  • Simulation Software
Battlespace Simulations, Inc.

Don’t settle for only part of the Battlespace

The technological gap between allied nations and our rivals is shrinking. Modeling and Simulation (M&S) plays a huge part in preparing our warfighters for emerging threats on the battlefield. That’s why BSI has spent nearly twenty years developing solutions like MACE and ARMOR. Armed with both, trainees can plan, analyse, develop tactics, and rehearse in virtual worlds so true to life that they’re better prepared for action in the real one. 

  • Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) - Full-spectrum battlespace simulation software where you build and execute scenarios across multiple domains including air, land, sea, and space, simulated in high detail including the full electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Augmented Reality Mission Observation & Rehearsal (ARMOR) - Visualization of battlespace in a real-time 3D Environment. Users can build ARMOR terrain anywhere in the world directly within MACE


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