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Conference Agenda

DAF M&S Summit



09 May 2024
Exhibit Hall: Lonestar Ballrooms ABC

NTSA is focused on filling our workforce pipeline with prospects who are better prepared, more confident, and highly engaged to take on careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) fields, particularly those in our industry. As such, NTSA recognizes the critical importance of engaging students early in hands-on STEM activities while supporting educators who are our front line in shaping and building our future workforce. Participating schools: Randolph High School & CAST STEM High School. STEM Lunches sponsored by Infinity Labs, LLC.

Randolph High School Tour M&S Summit | Randolph Unified School District

  • 1030: Students arrive
  • 1040: Welcome remarks
  • 1045: Divide into groups; tour the exhibit hall
  • 1200: Return to meeting space & lunch
  • 1230: USAF representatives discussion
  • 1255: Escort students back to bus
  • 1300: Students return to school
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